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A puzzle text adventure


The lord of time 2022-09-09 16:58 (Edited)

I wanted to make a text adventure where it doesn’t give you the choices of what to do so here is what I have
Type STORY to show the story again

McPepic for code tips
Desbyc for fonts

McPepic 2022-09-09 17:26

Interesting game!
I noticed that you have a lot of different phrases that you can use to perform different actions. This can be really annoying because you have to include variations of the action depending on how the user might type it.

A solution to this would be looking for key terms in the text. Instead of having several phrases to take the keys, you could look for "key" in the text.

It's also difficult to keep track of everything in the room. Usually what text games do is repeat the prompt/room information so that it stays on screen for the player to read when entering the input.

I hope you continue working on this. :)

The lord of time 2022-09-09 18:01

Thank you very much for the feedback. it REALLY means a lot. also i have been trying to incorperate main words from sentences instead of precise whole sentences
but i cannot seem to find a way to detect certain words in a input
if you can help please send more feedback

The lord of time 2022-09-09 18:03

also the reason your feedback means a lot is because i'm a beginer to coding and have always wanted people to help or play my game

The lord of time 2022-09-09 18:04

i just looked at your account and i realized the games you made are some of my favourite

The lord of time 2022-09-09 18:13

I know I’m talking a lot but for example I’m trying to work out something like this:
Input “>”; a$
Now here’s the difficult part
If a$ contains “key” then goto grabkey

McPepic 2022-09-09 21:13

I'm glad my feedback is useful.

If you look at the documentation, there's a command under string functions called,

This command takes in d$, s$, and an optional parameter p.
You can put in what the user typed for d$ and the keyword (ie "Key") you want to check for. The variable p just tells the command what index to start at in the original string.

For example:

Hope this helps! ^^

The lord of time 2022-09-10 09:51

Thank you VERY much I’m going to try it

The lord of time 2022-09-10 09:51

Thank you VERY much I’m going to try it

The lord of time 2022-09-10 09:52


McPepic 2022-09-10 14:20

I noticed that you can’t get back in the house. Is this going to be added later?

The lord of time 2022-09-11 07:35

Yes it will be added later

The lord of time 2022-09-23 18:38

McPepic is it possible to use the “IF INSTR(A$, "KEY") THEN GOTO KEYS” in c64 or AppleSoft basic?

McPepic 2022-09-23 22:38

I haven't used either, but a quick google search says that INSTR does exist in both. GOTO is simply a command to jump to a label, but I think you can only use line numbers for it on c64 and applesoft basic.

The lord of time 2022-09-24 08:05

Ok thanks for trying

McPepic 2022-09-24 15:17

Also, please don’t spam my inbox with the same question. I’ll see it anyway when I get to it. If you have anymore questions about c64 or similar, you can check the documentation for it online. I’m also pretty sure @was8bit knows about that stuff as well. :)

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