How do you keep your code organized?


SP4CEBAR 2022-09-11 14:38

We probably all have experience with a program that has become so big and unorganized that it gets painful to work on, so I just wanted to ask, what methods do you all have to keep code organized, I can keep my mid-sized programs pretty organized with starting new subprograms for each different thing, but big programs may still eventually become a mess

was8bit 2022-09-12 03:44

‘ Players turn

‘<<<<<<< Players subs >>>>>>>

‘(((((((( End of game stuff ))))))))

Use stuff like these to organize huge sections of code...

I try to keep all my setup stuff at top, all my subs at the bottom (above the files) and everything else in the middle

I also indent so the IF THEN pairs line up...

Timo 2022-09-12 07:23

Using SUBs is a good start. And end. I think much more you cannot do in LowRes NX BASIC as it misses structures and everything is in the same file.

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-12 10:44


nathanielbabiak 2022-09-14 04:08 (Edited)

On mobile, a multi-line comment with repeated characters seems to work well (lets you see it when scrolling quickly), there's many uploads that do it. The example by was8bit above is perfect for it.

I do a few things that work together, but it only works on desktop, not mobile:

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-14 10:52 (Edited)

Thank you!

I just wanted to add: I use
'T E X T . L I K E . T H I S
which is quite visible when scrolling

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