AstonBrown 2022-09-19 08:10

The first of the series.

SquirtGame1.nx | Open in app
2022-09-19 08:10

was8bit 2022-09-19 11:44

Great first game :)

was8bit 2022-09-19 12:05 (Edited)

A few thoughts...

1) Your END statements are not needed where you are using them.. code execution never reaches them.... When code execution reaches an END command, it will halt and stop your program... your program will look like it is frozen... I almost never really use it, except maybe as a debug method to verify if code execution is going somewhere or not...

... if you like using END to help keep your code organized, thats fine to leave them as you have them :)

2) IF you want it to keep your music playing in a loop, in your music editor where you have your music on one page, tap the arrows symbol unto you see 2 arrows... this keeps your one page playing until you use the STOP command by itself to stop all sounds... (for looping multiple pages use one arrow for the first page, and the other arrow for the last page)

... if you loop your music, then only one MUSIC command would be needed ...

You may perfer what you have already, where the music restarts now and then... if you like that affect, then what you have already is fine :) ... I rather like the effect you have now :)

McPepic 2022-09-19 15:04

I like the simplicity. Nice work!

AstonBrown 2022-11-05 08:57

Thank you was8bit

was8bit 2022-11-05 09:49 (Edited)

Its a nice game... we need more like it ;)

AstonBrown 2022-11-06 07:49

and more you shall have

AstonBrown 2022-11-06 07:56

done coding

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