Save the games (solitaire game)


was8bit 2022-09-27 15:02 (Edited)


Help save mario, pacman, and other classic game characters from extinction...

Your favorite 8bit handheld gaming console, loaded with all your favorite games, has crashed... you must go inside the electronics and fix it by sorting everything out, putting the bits back where they belong...


(This game plays like solitaire, but Left to Right rather than top to bottom...)

(Arrow keys) adjust position
Tap (A) once to select a piece
Tap(A) again to move a piece
Double tap(A) on deck to draw more pieces
Tap(B) once on a piece that can play to home

Top left = draw deck
4 spaces by deck = free play (stores things temporarily)
12 spaces top right = HOME, play pieces in order #0 to #7
All below spaces = SORTING AREA, play left to right #7 to #0

sorting out all pieces, play all pieces to HOME in proper order

(The little white #'s show you how many pieces are stacked in a pile)

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