LowRes Collection: I re-released my games from the original LowRes Coder app


Timo 2022-10-24 07:14 (Edited)

I always wanted to make my old games from LowRes Coder available again, especially LOWBOT, since Apple removed the app some years ago. I finally did it in the easiest way, as a new iOS app:

LowRes Collection

This collection contains 5 simple arcade games with 64x64-pixel resolution, 16 colors and chiptune music.

Open Source

I will make the source code of the app public soon. It contains a simple game selection screen and the player/runtime for LowRes Coder. It's all written in Objective-C. The games can be easily replaced with other ones. If you have an Apple Developer account, and some old LowRes Coder games, you could release them on the App Store.

SP4CEBAR 2022-10-24 13:03

Thank you!
This is sure going to add more diversity to the free games available on the AppStore!
Kids are always searching for new games to play, and there are many classic games that aren't properly on the AppStore yet, so there's great potential!

Some LowRes games are better than the average mobile game
(there are so many clones of certain puzzle games with cringy ADs and IQ meters and such)

I guess we as game creators should now watch out for N I N T E N D O and other copyright holders

SP4CEBAR 2022-10-24 13:05 (Edited)

I'm going to place a five-star review on your collection

TrashCan Games 2022-10-24 14:07 (Edited)

This is really cool, I love the old lowres coder games.
Since your releasing the source code for the original app. It would be cool to see an archive of all the old games on the community tab. If possible

Timo 2022-10-24 15:03

I checked all the games on LowRes Coder which I added to the "Essentials" menu. Some of them would be nice to have in a collection, but lots are remakes of non-LowRes games. These cannot be re-released for legal reasons. Then there are only a few left... I might make a LowRes Collection 2 though with a few more games.

Which ones would you like to see in it?

was8bit 2022-10-25 03:54 (Edited)

The only one, of mine, i can think of that seemed popular and would not be easy to duplicate in NX would be Tank Patrol - Den kō sekka ... if yall that it worthy enough...

Most of my stuff was more screensaver rather than games... most of my games were text or simple enough to remake here...

was8bit 2022-10-25 15:53 (Edited)

I have a few thoughts on other people's games to add, but i reckon it would be nice to see if they wanted theirs published...

G-9 2022-10-27 08:21 (Edited)

i always wanted to play those games
i can only thank you :D

G-9 2022-10-27 13:45

me on my way to see if the games are hardcoded or not and potentially replace them 😀

Timo 2022-10-27 15:07

They are files in a folder inside the app. Nothing is hardcoded :)

Jeanmilost 2022-10-29 08:31

Some of the games I created are clones of existing ones (and thus are subject to copyright issues) but others are my own creation. Feel free to use them if you want, after all they exist to be shared and played 🙂

Timo 2022-10-31 18:27

I released an update: The app supports Game Center leaderboards now :)
Hope to see your highscores there!

Note: Only new highscores are uploaded, not your old ones from version 1.0. You can also just delete and reinstall the app to get fresh highscores.

G-9 2022-10-31 23:50

glad to see controller support :D

Timo 2022-11-04 08:48

It had game controller support since 1.0, but I didn‘t add the meta info, so the App Store didn‘t show the controller badge. By the way, also LowRes NX has controller support.

DarkForPresident 2022-12-18 02:46

Any updates on when the open source thing will happen? Not trying to rush you, just curious. I miss the LowRes Coder days.

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