EnderCal1012 2022-10-30 03:02

Due to my terrible memory, I'll let you turn it in by October 30th 11:59 pm EST
Sorry guys. If your still here submit your pieces.

Timo 2022-11-01 18:21 (Edited)

Sorry that you didn't get a response here. I think most people prefer to use their spare time to work on their own projects. Challenges and jams etc never really worked here... Keep in mind that this is a very small community.

was8bit 2022-11-02 04:16 (Edited)

I actually felt abit confused...

... this conmunity is all I do online, chat wise, and use the internet mainly to watch and listen to stuff not popular anymore or learn from like NHK or skynews and other around the world news... also my smart phone is for away from home emergencies, and is usually kept turned off to save battery life (my battery can last as long as month sometimes) so I do NOT do live chats etc....

So I wasn’t really 100% sure what was wanted :/

was8bit 2022-11-02 04:25

I’ve posted challenges myself... not very popular...

... the only thing, sharing wise, that happens from time to time is REMIX... that is where someone gets inspired by something and, with permission from the original author, does a creative remix and posts it..

was8bit 2022-11-02 04:28

I’d be happy to do a challenge if it was kept simple enough..

The one challenge I did with some success was a bowling ball game challenge... I made a very simple something and challenged anyone to try their own... it was rather fun :)

was8bit 2022-11-02 04:31 (Edited)

But for yours, i googled meme and the more i researched the more confused i got... maybe if you have posted an example...

.... but then again i often come here rather tired, and its probably simpler than my tired brain can figure out ;)

Timo 2022-11-02 10:08


was8bit 2022-11-02 12:57

So, Basically and loosely, an online fad of some sort... as I am not technically online chats and such, I’m out of the loop...

was8bit 2022-11-02 13:17

... would “annoying orange” count??

nathanielbabiak 2022-11-02 22:42 (Edited)

Yep, annoying orange definitely counts!

This online community has an odd mix of folks. Half of the posters write as though they're 10 to 15 years old, and the other half are 35 or 40+. I also get the impression we've got users from around the world, that this site isn't USA or EU centric.

I always try to link Wikipedia, like Timo did above, since we're so eclectic.

(I do not talk like this in the real world!)

nathanielbabiak 2022-11-02 22:44


Sorry I didn't participate either - I'm rubbish at completing projects...

was8bit 2022-11-03 01:46

Ok... well i am going to work on a late entry then ;) :D

was8bit 2022-11-05 09:48

Annoying orange...


McPepic 2022-11-05 21:21 (Edited)


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