why ":" does't work?


nitrofurano 2022-12-17 12:00

i tried this code:

pal 0
text 0,0,"0"
pal 1
text 1,0,"1"
pal 2
text 2,0,"2"
pal 3
text 3,0,"3"
pal 4
text 4,0,"4"
pal 5
text 5,0,"5"
pal 6
text 6,0,"6"
pal 7
text 7,0,"7"

which worked as i expected
but this one didn't work:

pal 0:text 0,0,"0"
pal 1:text 1,0,"1"
pal 2:text 2,0,"2"
pal 3:text 3,0,"3"
pal 4:text 4,0,"4"
pal 5:text 5,0,"5"
pal 6:text 6,0,"6"
pal 7:text 7,0,"7"

do anyone know why? i used to use ":" on basic language a lot...

Timo 2022-12-17 12:56

I didn’t add “:” to keep the program lines shorter to keep it mobile app friendly.

was8bit 2022-12-18 05:55

LowResNX uses its own basic language... I recommend carefully going over every bit of the included HELP section... at least once read it all the way thru, don't skip anything, and keep reading until you get down to the very bottom, regardless of whether or not you are understanding it....

Once you've done that, you will at least know where to go to re-read things to better understand different things...

there is a LOT of cool things about LowResNX you'll miss if you don't...

.... and always come back here anytime :)

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