TrashCan Games 2022-12-26 06:07

Anybody here played the old flash game Toss the Turtle or Launch a Libre. This game is my take on that but in lowres, a simple toss based game.

See how far you can get, then buy upgrades to get further.

how to play:
Hold to charge up metres three times
Then tap to launch lemon guy
Next taps will use one of your feathers to boost lemon guy up

Spikes - kills you
Brick wall - slows horizontal speed
Tar - slows vertical speed
Turtle - walks left, when stomped boots you
Balloon - floats in sky, when popped boost you
Bomb - when hit gives big boost
Rocket - sends you upwards
Spring - boost you upwards
Feather - gives you another feather
Coin - gives $5 and gives small boost
Money bag - gives $25 and gives boost

SPD - how much horizontal speed you retain when hitting ground
BCE - how much vertical speed you retain when hitting ground
SLG - how much power your slingshot has
JMP - how many starting feathers you have
HIH - how high your feathers boost you
OBJ - how much objects benefit you

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2022-12-26 06:07

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McPepic 2022-12-26 16:33

I’ve sort of been grinding out this game for the past few minutes and managed to get a highscore of 5,778 meters.

I noticed that sometimes the balloons will launch you straight down.
Also, when you pick up enough speed, you can fly above the screen and come up from the bottom. Because of how fast you’re going, you can also fall back through the floor.

It would be kind of cool to see your current speed and height while zooming through the level.

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