Connect 4 made in 30 minutes


SP4CEBAR 2023-01-05 11:56 (Edited)

Made without bugs, I love NX!

Connect 4.nx | Open in app
2023-01-05 12:00
Connect 4.nx | Open in app
2023-01-05 11:56

SP4CEBAR 2023-01-05 11:58 (Edited)

Here's a coding challenge for anyone interested: make a bot player (contained inside a SUB), so we can make different bots play against each other to see whose bot is the best, without VBL the bots could play quite a lot of rounds really fast

SP4CEBAR 2023-01-05 12:02

Update: I found an obsolete line I forgot to remove (Y=12 before a FOR Y=12 ...)

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