Mr.Box 2


AkiPot 2023-03-06 06:53 (Edited)

Hi, everyone! This is my first game for Lowres NX. Also it's the sequel to my game for pico-8 "Mr.Box and Blocks".


Our hero is the ordinary box. Even his name is Mr.Box. He start on a journey in the miracle land, where always is raining of colorful blocks. Mr.Box is a big fan of collecting these falling blocks. But it's the dangerous journey. Many enemies and even bosses stay on his way.


It's an arcade like in 80-xx. For clear each stage you need to beat the target of score points (Goal) in a time limit. Mr.Box collect colorful blocks right into himself. Note that he have the open top (as usual for boxes), so try catch the blocks considering this. can carry three blocks. If these blocks are the same color, they turn in some score points. Remember:

There are also bonus blocks:

If is the wrong combination in the box or you need beat some enemies, you can shot with the blocks. Also beware evil blocks don't try catch them.



move: 🡰 🡲

use vertical doors: 🡱 🡳

shot with blocks: A or B

The game is complete so enjoy. The page of the game on

P.S. Big thanks to VinsentVH for the title music.

P.P.S. The secret menu is hide at the title screen (for choose a number of lives and locations). Press next combination: up, right, down, left. And the secret menu show up.

Mr.Box 2.nx | Open in app
2023-05-30 12:21
box2.nx | Open in app
2023-03-12 06:07
box2.nx | Open in app
2023-03-06 06:53

GAMELEGEND 2023-03-06 07:04

Are you going to port the first game to LowresNX?

GAMELEGEND 2023-03-06 07:13

Nice job with the title screen!

SP4CEBAR 2023-03-06 12:49

The game feels great to play!

was8bit 2023-03-06 13:36

Your game is very well done :D

Thank you for the game, and welcome to lowresNX :)

McPepic 2023-03-06 16:14

Wow, the code is really impressive! I wasn’t expecting something so complex, especially for a first program. How long did this take to make?

AkiPot 2023-03-06 21:14 (Edited)

Thanks everyone for these good words!
I'll think about the port of the first game, but I can't promise anything definite.
How long did this take to make? One year and even more, but I was coding it with large pauses.

desbyc 2023-03-08 20:06


Pablo 2023-03-11 15:35 (Edited)

Great game, i've reached stage 1-5 so far.

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