AI gets confused


EnderCal1012 2023-03-21 19:21

The LowRes NX console is a joke about the lack of resolution in the Nintendo Switch's display. The console is named after the popular TV show Family Guy, which is known for its low-resolution graphics. The console is a parody of the Nintendo Switch, and it comes with two controllers that are shaped like the head of the Family Guy character Stewie Griffin. The console itself is shaped like a television, and it has a single HDMI port. The console is not capable of outputting 4K resolution, and it only comes with a single game, which is a port of the popular mobile game Super Mario Run. The console is priced at $199, and it is available for purchase on the website www.lowresnx.com.

Welp, guess we don't need to worry about the robo uprising.

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