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was8bit 2023-03-26 11:32

(A) adds
(B) deletes

.... just a little something in my spare time...

Rythmn Maker.nx | Open in app
2023-03-26 11:32

was8bit 2023-03-26 11:33

PAUSE toggles between EDIT and PLAY

was8bit 2023-03-26 11:39

was8bit 2023-03-26 11:43

Lets you work out the notes and timing for a small riff...

... my musical skills arent the best, so im sure my shown riff results probably dont quite match what i was trying to copy....

was8bit 2023-03-26 11:46

You can adjust the tempo here...


Just edit the 6 to adjust the amount of pause between each beat...

was8bit 2023-03-26 11:49

All edits are auto saved, and will auto reload when you open the game up later on....

McPepic 2023-03-26 14:28

Really cool! It’s pretty fun to just mess around and create a simple beat. Since you can only play one note at a time, you really have to think about how you’re spacing apart the notes. I kind of wish there was a way to share what I came up with.

was8bit 2023-03-26 16:32

You can save the image of what you have as your screenshot, then upload the whole thing here... the image should show at the top your notes and their position... one would then only need to copy your choices ... in that way others could copy the same notes and positions and play your riff :)

I actually made this to help me make riffs, but I lack good musical talent and struggle just to copy an existing one :/ at least this way I can tinker around and try ;)

was8bit 2023-03-26 16:35

I was also thinking about the possibility of a game where you guess the notes for a riff, kinda like in mastermind style... but that is just a foggy idea, nothing substantial... but getting a riff maker would be the first step ;)

McPepic 2023-03-26 18:52

Yeah, I know nothing about music. I've tried watching videos on music theory but I never made it very far. I actually did save a screenshot when I was messing around earlier.

was8bit 2023-03-27 04:12

I know all about chords and chord progressions... but chords alone does not create music....

The secret behind chord progression is to ditch the chord names and pay attention to the math... ;)

Anywhere Games 2023-05-22 20:36

This would cool to use as a tool! Would that end up happening?

was8bit 2023-05-22 21:59

Thank you :)

Oivey... yes, among many other projects... someday...

... real life temporarily game me some relief... just a little...

... plus i TRY to not start new projects....

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