Rend The Dark 2


TrashCan Games 2023-04-13 05:27 (Edited)

Platformer Engine is a modified version of “Map Scrolling” by Timo
Found here -

A sequel to Rend The Dark with major improvements to movement, combat and graphics. Explore 5 levels with 5 unique bosses and utilise 7 different spells. Enjoy

You are Theodore Rajess, a cleric and mage who manages a graveyard. One day Apollyon creates a portal from the dead to the living realm causing much mischief. You decide to try close this portal as you have no other options left.

In Game Controls:
Left/Right to move
A to Jump
B to Attack
B + Down to Use Spell
Pause to Toggle Item Menu

Item Menu Controls:
D-Pad to Navigate Menu
A/B to Select/Use Item
Pause to Toggle Item Menu

Platformer Engine is a modified version of “Map Scrolling” by Timo
Found here -

Original Game:

Rend The Dark 2.nx | Open in app
2023-04-13 05:27

Timo 2023-04-13 09:27

Looks like we get a really good platformer engine here :)
What do you think about writing some explanation how the engine works so other people could use it for own games? It would be very cool, but I also know it can be some work to document things...

TrashCan Games 2023-04-13 11:10

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do that but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will start documenting how to use it and cleaning it up a bit.

Timo 2023-04-13 12:14

Cool :)

was8bit 2023-04-13 16:54

LOVE it :D

However I totally stink at these games as I have poor hand eye coordination .... so I have made my cheat version that allows the game to be played normally, or to cheat ar will with UP or DOWN buttons ;)

was8bit 2023-04-13 17:00

It is possible to hold UP+RIGHT constantly and complete all levels I just about a minute... however, by NOT using UP or DOWN one can play the game as normal...

I often cannot pass a single screen because I die, can't move and jump at the same time to complete a difficult spot, and I could not get past the night stage at all as I cannot do the leaps ....

Your game is completely comparable to the difficulties found on most games, i just cannot get the hand eye coordination done.... i also cannot use both hands at the same time when playing guitar or keyboard...

For virtually everyone else, they won't have any issues playing this game ;) I also enjoyed adding my cheats, so overall I love your game :D

McPepic 2023-04-13 17:09

I also find it difficult to play a lot of games. I was messing around with your romhack and noticed that when the game gives you the prompt to restart the game, the text doesn't get cleared in the main menu. I don't think it's from the modification and might be a bug in the original game.

was8bit 2023-04-14 00:34

Yea... all my cheat “hacks” were simple commands designed to counter what the program is doing in specific spots...

... although who knows what chaos those hacks might do to other parts of the code, as the orginal code does not anticipate my code over-rides....

was8bit 2023-04-14 00:36 (Edited)

In fact, one cheat didn’t do what I wanted, but it did do something cooler, so I left it in... and I’m still unsure what exactly what it is doing to the code to cause that effect (it kills all onscreen enemies) ... ;)

TrashCan Games 2023-04-14 05:33

@was8bit Your cheat master version is very cool. Sorry you had to witness my really bad spaghetti code, I got really lazy when making this and took a lot of shortcuts. The cheat by pressing down essentially makes every enemy and the player get hit by spikes causing all enemies to die and the player to get boosted up. What where you trying to do originally? Also, your cheat engine makes it very strange to use spells as you have to hold down and attack to use them, just a little oversight in your cheat master version.

@McPepic Pretty sure that is a bug with the original game.

I might make a version v1.1 that fixes some minor bugs, lag spikes and adds accessibility options so more people can easily play my game without cheats.

was8bit 2023-04-14 12:19 (Edited)

When I add cheats, it's kinda a "hit and miss" approach... I scan thru and just add stuff that may or may not do something ;)

You have quite a few spots that require precision jump and leap... I often cannot coordinate the jump with one hand and the movement with the other hand, so I spend most of my time either jumping straight up then moving sideways, or moving sideways (and falling) then jumping... i almost always cannot jump AND move sideways at the same time...

... perhaps something like "cheat blocks" *or* "cheat empty spaces" that only activate when the cheat is turned on, letting someone like me have an easier option to avoid the dreaded simultaneous "jump and move" ...

But as I am perhaps your only player that cannot execute both hands at the same time, and as I enjoy adding my cheats (like I nearly always do)... no need don't fret over it ;)

.... although a choice of hardness level would be easy to code in, and very helpful :) I nearly always choose EASY on games whenever the option is available ;)

was8bit 2023-04-14 12:21

On spells, I never took the time to figure them out, without the cheats I often died on page one anyways... :/

G-9 2023-04-14 20:08

you NAILED the particles, i LOVE them!!!!

Pablo 2023-04-15 04:14 (Edited)

Highly entertaining game.

SP4CEBAR 2023-04-17 09:21

I love the particles, this is some fine game design!

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