Very Simple Plattformer Template/Engine


TrashCan Games 2023-05-02 09:43

This is the base of the platformer games ive been making, its really simple and not much of the code is mine. its mostly derived from Map Scrolling by Timo Kloss with my physics layered on top. its should be pretty simple to use, so have fun trying it out.

Credit to this example \/ \/ \/
Map Scrolling : https://lowresnx.inutilis.com/topic.php?id=318

McPepic 2023-05-02 15:04

Pretty good! I like how you organized the code, it’s really easy to follow.

was8bit 2023-05-02 16:30

I was able to play it and get to all points... great job on the physics :)

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