When are the unused commands going to be added


412lop 2023-05-13 23:21

When are the unused commands in the reserved list going to be added into LowRes NX

McPepic 2023-05-14 12:15

They aren’t. Timo isn’t updating LowRes anymore.

was8bit 2023-05-14 13:24

When starting a new programming system, it makes sense to reserve all possible commands you might use...

So, for example, if you start your system with a small batch of commands, then while still working on it you later add new commands, everyone who is testing your system who may have used variable names that that are now being used commands you system will force your testers to either rewrite all their code to compensate for the new commands, or just abandon their old program and start all over again..

If, as a developer, you kept contantly addding new commands, your testers will quickly get discouraged and this means you lose your testers...

So, what you do to avoid this, is at the very start, you create a reserve list of any and all possible commands you MIGHT possilbly use...

... as you build your system, you will have some commands you never really use, and you might add a couple more....

testers can live with very small changes to commands... you will find these chsnges listed in the OBSOLETE commands... so Timo did a great job anticipating at the start what he may have needed, as very few changes where made to is initial setup ;)

The other unused reserve commands are still held in reserve, just in case in the future they may be used, but probably not...

SP4CEBAR 2023-05-16 18:34

in the case of variable names becoming reserved keywords, the testers could fix their code with a text search to replace all occurrences in their code

McPepic 2023-05-16 18:36

Whenever there's a variable name I want to use that's reserved, I just add an underscore to it.

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