(Converted) MOD Player thing


abnuo 2023-05-19 14:43

This plays MOD files, converted to a more linear format.
Use D-Pad left and right to change songs. There is currently only 2.

music.nx | Open in app
2023-05-19 14:43

Timo 2023-05-19 19:41

So the ROM entries are already converted files? Do you have a converter?

abnuo 2023-05-19 19:44

Its written in python, and the conversion process involves a lot of manual stuff. Basically im copying and pasting patterns from OpenMPT into text files named like "pattern_xx.txt"

Timo 2023-05-19 21:31

Ah, I did something similar with the old LowRes Coder for the included games. I created the music in OctaMED on the Amiga (emulated) and “printed” it to a text file and converted it from there.

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