Lowres Solitaire game


was8bit 2023-06-03 05:37 (Edited)

I have spent a few years trying to design a solitaire game i liked, and i finally made one that i like :)


Music by Awsa

The latest update polishes stuff :)

Lowres Solitaire.nx | Open in app
2023-06-06 04:14
Lowres Solitaire.nx | Open in app
2023-06-06 02:12
Lowres Solitaire.nx | Open in app
2023-06-04 05:44
Lowres Solitaire.nx | Open in app
2023-06-03 05:37

was8bit 2023-06-03 06:27 (Edited)

Once you get used to the controls, and get a little luck, you can get a game done in less than 10 minutes :D

... i love this version of solitaire sooo much, i play it at least 3 times every day ;)

With the latest upgrade, you can finish a game in under 5 minutes :)

Dan 2023-06-04 18:50 (Edited)

Hi, it plays well, once the controls are understood.

But there is a bug: i just won a game, but there were 2 duplicate cards left ...

Edit: it is not easy to reproduce ... the 2nd play was ok.

was8bit 2023-06-05 00:13

Thanks kindly :) I’ve been focusing more on “keeping the code simple” and less on cool things that would complicate the code... my brain has a threshold .... if I get too many going on code wise my brain can only keep track of a small amount of stuff simultaneously... when it gets too complicated intend to not finish the game..

.... thanks for the feedback about a bug... a lot of my code that enforce the rules where abit hacked until they work...

As I have played it about 30 times since I’ve posted it here, and never had that issue, my best guess is that I have a tiny gap in my rules somewhere, and you may have inadvertently did something not strictly following the rules, or maybe are using a keyboard and or mouse...

.... I tested it pretty well for doing things against the rules on purpose to see if my codes rules prevent rule breaking....

Should u be lucky enough to catch what you did to the card that got duplicated, it may help me close in on the hole I need to patch..

I’ll also retest my code again, I’ve had cards duplicate earlier before, but i caught and fixed those before i published ...

was8bit 2023-06-05 00:32

I have one thought on another helpful upgrade... if all decks are empty and all cards on table are properly played in proper order (life saver plays play a card out of order) then trying to deal the empty deal deck would check for this condition and then auto play ALL remaining cards in order....

I’ve had many times where I had most of my cards in order below and it gets tedious manually playing each one even though I know I’ve technically won...

BUT I want to first try to squash this bug you found if possible ;)

was8bit 2023-06-06 04:20


I retested and i "think" i know why it glitched... i had all controls running all together, which my experience is that this can cause glitches ... so i reworked the controls so now only one can be ran at a time (up/down/left/right/A/B)

I verified this by being quick and sloppy and caused it to glitch... with my fix, i couldnt get it to glitch

... also, i redid all the timings by carefully adjusting all WAITs, and also reworked the PLAYOUT so you only see the auto-cursors if they are playing the cards..

Overall, with your help, its seems to be a solid game now ... :D

Dan 2023-06-06 17:00

Plays well now.

was8bit 2023-06-06 17:40

Cool... thanks again :)

was8bit 2023-06-07 16:11

I upgraded PLAYOUT and replaced it with AUTOPLAY, which can be ran anytime during the game, and will play what it can, then return you to the game to finish the game if you haven't won yet...

This is a lot more helpful and speeds up gameplay... you can still manually play cards to their finish piles if you want to

AUTOPLAY does NOT look at cards in your draw piles... it only looks at cars on the table...

Dan 2023-06-08 13:56

Oh well, now, if you click on any (or all) cards in the (at the beginning 06 05 04 03 02 01) it will flip it over, causing 2 rows of cards to be visible...

And if the top card is an for e.g red ace, and bottom card a black 2, if you place the ace under the 2, the cards will fall off the screen.

Moving such flipped cars is possible, the whole row, even if the bottom card is not valid.

was8bit 2023-06-08 15:57 (Edited)

R U refering to the stack#'s for the table?? When normally if you play off all the cards from that column you can A,B the number to deal off a new card from that stack, which is how normal solitaire plays...

However, i have always had whats called EMERGENCY PLAY (in the instructions at top of code) which IF you are completely stuck, you have 1 emergency play for the first 6 stacks

EMERGENCY PLAY should be used VERY carefully, as it could cause you more harm than good... if you already have one or more properly played cards on a table stack, and there is a red dot beside its stack#, you can go to its stack# and hit A,B and it will deal off one card from that stack to the bottom of your cards in play, disregarding all placement rules... the red dot is removed once you have used it...

Usually i ONLY use EMERGENCY play if i know one of my aces is stuck in one of those stacks on the table and i cannot get to that ace otherwise...

EMERGENCY PLAY was always available ;) and yes, one can overplay cards beyond the screen... i could add a fix where you wouldnt lose those cards...

was8bit 2023-06-08 16:00

I might add, if a table stack# reaches 0, then the unused red dot can no longer be used, as there is no more cards to be dealt off that stack....

was8bit 2023-06-08 16:04

My main goal is to reveal all hidden cards on the table.... once you've done that, the game is won...

Being able to move a column of cards to an empty spot on the table, regardless what the top card may be, is very helpful... the top card doesnt have to be a king ;)

your only restriction is you cant move cards to an empty spot if there are still cards that need to be dealt out ,

was8bit 2023-06-08 16:11

A little tip i havent mentioned... the GREEN marker marks a card that is going to be moved... so if you are playing cards off the top deal, and after you play it to the table, the card below it will become visible... and if you can play THAT card, you will notice that the green cursor is highlighting the same spot already... so no need to reselect it as the card to be moved if you want to play that card too...

... you wont often get lucky enough to be able to play a few cards in a row off the top deal cards... but it you can, this tip will save you a few steps ;)

was8bit 2023-06-08 16:53 (Edited)

... i fixed the lost cards issue... the top total shouldn't exceed 26 cards... the code can now handle that many cards in a single column... you wont be able to see cards below the y=15 line, but they are there on the screen (up to y=31) so when you rearrange again, those below the line will reappear ;)

On the screen shot, with the column that reaches the bottom of the screen with the red ten, when i moved the cards using the topmost black jack to the right, the red 10 cannot be seen... but when you move that black jack back to the left, the red 10 moves with it ;)

was8bit 2023-06-08 17:01 (Edited)

... just to clarify, AUTOPLAY is ran when you tap A,B on any goal pile... those are where you place your ACE card, then the 2 card... etc...

PLAYOUT was completely removed...

AUTOPLAY can be ran even if you still have deal cards, or cards on the table that need to be turned over... this makes AUTOPLAY more useful than PLAYOUT was...

was8bit 2023-06-09 04:36

... added a warning mechanism to help prevent accidental activation of EMERGENCY PLAY...

The keypresses are now (A),(B),(A)... otherwise it wont activate.. the warning kicks in after (A),(B) and any keypress besides another (A), or just doing nothing for a couple seconds, will kick it out of that mode... :)

was8bit 2023-06-09 05:00

Erp... just discovered errors with my "cards beyond bottom of the screen" solution !!

was8bit 2023-06-10 04:12

... fixed issues... tested alot, and it works well now :)

was8bit 2023-06-10 04:20

@Dan, i believe i fixed it... i had to account for many issues, my testing kept bringing up new problems...

I did the math, and there is enough space on the background to hold a doubled up stack of cards... i have 27 spaces available, and the max a stack should be is 23... so i dont anticipate any more issues...

However, should you find anything, please let me know :)

... thanks SO MUCH for your help :):):)

Dan 2023-06-10 09:19

just to clarify what i meant with "falling off the screen":

This video is from the version uploaded at "2023-06-06 04:14"

The latest version plays well !

was8bit 2023-06-10 15:15

Thanks so much for testing :):)

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