Jeanmilost 2023-06-15 20:19 (Edited)

Here is a small port of the Centipede arcade game developed in 1980 by Atari.

Although the game is as close as possible to the original arcade version, I took certain liberties, in order to make the game more user-friendly on the LowRes NX systems (at least from my point of view).

I also noticed some bugs (without bad pun), but as the game is enough playable this way, I didn't fixed them.

Hope you’ll have fun 🙂

NOTE I based my work on this very interesting article:

Version 1.2
- Fixed a bug with the laser speed in rookie mode

Version 1.1
- Added a rookie mode

Version 1.0
- Full game with 3 modes: easy, normal and hard

Centipede.nx | Open in app
2023-06-19 20:50
Centipede.nx | Open in app
2023-06-19 20:37
Centipede.nx | Open in app
2023-06-15 20:19

was8bit 2023-06-16 04:13

I LOVE this game :):):):):)

.... buuuttt u know with my awful hand-eye coordination... i had to edit a version i can play...

I upped the laser speed and slowed the centipede waaayy down... ;)

Jeanmilost 2023-06-16 11:14

@was8bit I may add your mode in the released version if you want, or would you prefer to release your own version as a remix?

was8bit 2023-06-16 12:56

My tweaks don't warrant a remix ... i only adjusted 2 values... if you like the tweaks, you can use them... :)

Laser speed tweak moves at -8 rather than -4, centipede set at 0.25

LASER(1) = CY - 8


I was able to maneuver around the other bugs just fine :) but on your easy setting I was only able to get 2 shots on the centipede before it killed me ;) so i experimented with those 2 settings until was able to play it :)

.... also i want to compliment you on your code... it's as easy as reading a book, it's actually beautifully written :) it only took me a few seconds to pinpoint what I was looking for :):):)

Jeanmilost 2023-06-19 20:40

@was8bit thank you for your feedback 🙂 I added a rookie mode based on your parameters, just press (b) to change the mode until it

was8bit 2023-06-20 00:57

Yay!!! Rookie mode \(^_^)/ plays great :)

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