LowRes NX is back on the App Store and the full iOS app is open source now


Timo 2023-06-22 21:01

Just a quick message: I found my credit card and payed Apple to get my apps back on the App Store.

Also I created a donation page on Paypal:

I would be very happy for any support, but please only, if you are at lest 18 years old. (Eventually I will think about how to integrate this nicely into the website...). Also donations inside the app should be possible again.

And as a final step to make LowRes NX a community project, I open sourced the full iOS app. And my LowRes Collection. And the classic LowRes Coder! :)

Timo 2023-06-23 12:20

Seems that in-app donations are still broken, I’ll check this soon…

Timo 2023-06-25 13:50

In-app donations work again :)

moechofe 2023-07-04 09:55

Finally I can pay you for your work.
And a big thank you for the app source code.

Timo 2023-07-04 18:22

Thank you, moechofe :)

moechofe 2023-07-04 18:24

I will try to remix the whole app and make it more mobile friendly, because it is the only way I'm using it.

Timo 2023-07-05 10:34

That sounds interesting, looking forward to it!

moechofe 2023-07-05 19:20

I know nothing about UIKit, it will require me sometime to get it done.

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