Disco Fever ‘79 Edition


Ericisonit 2023-07-01 20:25 (Edited)

Removing the line-dancing for now…..

but i’m REALLY curious if it’s just me and my far-gone mind, or does ANYONE else see what i see in this version:

get to a two-tone screen by tapping, you may have to try different color combinations….. but squint your eyes like SUPER hard to where your eyelashes just blur the ever living daylights out of the screen….

does ANYONE else see what appears to be sillouhettes of zombie-type dancers, perhaps as if you are behind one of those curtains made up of individual long strands of beads separating two rooms, and you are about to enter the low key disco zombie dancefloor just on the other side of the curtain?

it’s the way the spinning stars kinda mimic zombie-esque shoulder rolls or hip gyrations or twerk type movement and squinting blends them all together connecting all the joints which are dancing into dancing figures that are just grooving out….

neato completo yippee

Disco Fever.nx | Open in app
2023-07-02 05:05
Disco Fever.nx | Open in app
2023-07-01 20:25

was8bit 2023-07-02 06:00

So frickin kool :):):)

was8bit 2023-07-02 07:09

I like your latest.. but i never got those magic pictures, and i cant see what you described... sorry ... its still cool though :)

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