Bit Edit


was8bit 2023-08-08 07:54

... just an example of bit editing...

Arrows move cursor

(A) + arrows edits pixels

Bit Edit.nx | Open in app
2023-08-08 07:54

Awsa 2023-08-11 21:22

What could you use this for?

was8bit 2023-08-12 04:03 (Edited)

Technically this is just a demo...

If you find my 3D Pac-Man game, i use bit edit to update a mini map

Normally you don’t need this .... however it’s nice to know it’s available...

More common is copying whole images from one spot in memory to another spot in memory... again not normally needed, however as an example if you are using one cell all over the screen (say, grass that moves in the breeze or water that ripples) instead of redrawing all instances of the one cell to another cell to create the animation everywhere, if you just copy the animation from memory into the other
memory image you are using all over the screen, the background will automatically update all instances for you

I have an example of this as well somewhere in my list of games ...

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