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LowRes Space Program v0.3


LRCFresh 2023-08-12 09:02 (Edited)

Welcome to LowRes Space Program! Our current issues are that we have no idea how to land a booster. Perform a flight test, bring her back, and land this bird!

Hold A to fire the booster, and if you land within -2m/s velocity, you won’t die!

tweaks to work out:
-lots of things
-acceleration should be ~3m/s/s according to youtube, but when calculated from rocket specs comes out to ~1.5.
-sprite position should even out around the center of the screen
-text is not transparent…
-background palette bugs
-HUD desperately needs reworking

v0.3 patch notes:
-new title screen! press A to start.
-new game background in development (palette issues)
-background height map is now accurately displayed! keep firing your booster straight into space!

v0.2 patch notes:
-added background!
-background in development, not very accurate yet.
-accelerating acceleration! acceleration due to gravity will now decrease and increase according to height, and rocket acceleration will now increase proportional to the propellant usage. these values are shown when A is pressed, a(g) starts at -9.81 and a(r) starts at 1.5. the lowest value is the rocket’s mass.

v0.12 patch notes:
-fixed hard velocity turnaround!
-fixed bad relation between s position and y position, now sprite location is accurately displayed :-)

McPepic 2023-08-15 01:09

Looking good! LMK if you'd like any help on anything!

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