The Little Catterpillar


Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 00:58 (Edited)

The Little catterpillar FINAL

was8bit 2019-03-03 02:21

( you could have added this to your one post and changed the status from "WIP" to "RELEASE" )

Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 02:34

Ok, also hey Was8bit I need help, you got any idea on how to post it on as a way to play on your browser

was8bit 2019-03-03 03:46

I've researched your idea and have two thoughts...

1) by writing a game in LowRes code you are agreeing to these terms of use:

2) it "seems" that the games posted in that website are using their game script... it has its own language and its own approach to graphics...

... so, long story short, LowRes games can only be played by the lowres player...

yes the game code and all its resources are stored as test in a text file, but it requires a LowRes player to enable the code to be playable...

LowRes NX for a windows computer require you have the windows version of the lowres NX player and then you can play the game code stored in a text file...

Currently, LowRes NX games do NOT fully play in a browser....

.... so if you want to use that website, you'll have to take the game idea, read up on their help files on how to use their game code, and then create your game there that way...

... honestly, I would just post your game here, and send people the link to your game... like this...

Because from here they can get a copy of the LowRes player for either their windows computer or for their apple iPhone or computer, for FREE, and then they can play your game :)

Timo 2019-03-03 10:52

Nono, can play any HTML5 games, there is no special game script. But probably you have to embed your game in their page and this is not (yet) supported by the LowRes NX player. I think you should just put a link to the LowRes NX page on to let people play.

Timo 2019-03-03 11:10

Ah, I should explain that the LowRes NX web player uses HTML5, although the programs are not converted to HTML5. The point is, they can be played in an HTML5 environment. In theory, but the player is not yet embeddable :(

Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 13:21

Ok, I’ll take the approach to give a link in the description to the website and another option to download the code and in the download instructions give a link to the NX download and then tell them how to open it

May be this way we’ll get more people on the NX community

was8bit 2019-03-03 15:37

@TIMO, thanks so much for the tech info, that helps a lot!! :)

@Tinycloud, I really appreciate u trying to get folks here :) I'd like to see this place alive with people so it can be as much fun as our old community once was... :)

If you feel any of my games are worthy of sharing in that community, you have my permission to share a link to them to bring 'em here :)

... but just be sure the community there knows these game are for absolutely free and shareable with credit ... I know they allow donations and LowRes games are not for money

Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 16:25


Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 16:51

I just uploaded the game
Press the link to see it

Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 16:52

Here’s a link to the page of my game

Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 17:02


was8bit 2019-03-03 17:33

AH, but the creative talent is all yours :) very cool :)

was8bit 2019-03-03 17:38

Very nice page :)

I had once tried something similar with my game PHISH but viewers were expecting an instantly playable game, didn't bother with LowRes, and grumbled... hopefully you'll,get a better response :D

Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 18:27

Thank you very much Was8Bit

was8bit 2019-03-03 18:59


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