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Strategia final


Tinycloud778 2019-03-03 21:16 (Edited)

It’s a strategy game where you’re the king of any of five kingdoms in a desert

X = Not done
Y = done

•Title screen>Y
•chosing screen>Y
•And much more

Estrategia Finale.nx | Open in app
2019-03-04 20:14

was8bit 2019-03-04 04:42

I love your graphics :)

Timo 2019-03-04 07:20

I agree, nice sprites :)
Here is some info how to make screenshots easily:

Tinycloud778 2019-03-04 18:47


Timo 2019-03-05 07:50

You can use SPRITE OFF without number to remove all sprites at once.

Tinycloud778 2019-03-05 11:24


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