Moon Approach


SP4CEBAR 2023-12-28 12:44 (Edited)

This is a little demo to experiment with moon landing graphics, more info here.

Let me know what you think about it:

Feel free to mod it:

Moon Approach.nx | Open in app
2023-12-28 12:44

SP4CEBAR 2023-12-28 13:33

It looks like some cells seem to change while visible: if this issue remains, then the random tile refresher might need a seed that is based on the cell position

was8bit 2023-12-28 13:57 (Edited)

At a higher level, the moon patterns should be close to the same small patterns

... the closer to "landing" the more the parts of the moon closer to your eye should seem closer with bigger patterns

A landed lander should still include some starfield... i would say the lander about halfway into the visual portion of moon would be landed

The original moon landing had to be careful to avoid landing in craters ;)

SP4CEBAR 2023-12-28 18:39

Thanks for the feedback!

was8bit 2023-12-28 19:08

Its looking cool already :)

Timo 2023-12-28 21:02

Adding a shadow sprite on the ground will help showing when it‘s landing.

SP4CEBAR 2023-12-29 11:26

Good idea!

nathanielbabiak 2023-12-29 17:51

Change the ship sprite to include a light on each side, angled diagonally. Then put "light" on the ground (oval sprites?) (projected from the ship at the diagonal angle). Those sprites would get closer together as the ship gets closer to the ground.

nathanielbabiak 2023-12-30 20:10

Or, you could also add a sprite for the sun, and have the shadow be projected in a line from the sun to the ship. And either case the point is that you need a diagonal that would end just under the ship, when the ship is landed.

SP4CEBAR 2024-01-03 23:27

Good ideas!

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