Facing slowdown or crash on opening LowRes NX


Jeanmilost 2024-01-17 21:49

Since some weeks now, I face a strange slowdown when I open LowRes NX on my iPhone 11 (latest iOS). What happens when I open the app is either the rotating cursor remaining for more than 1 minute before my files appear, or the crash of the whole app.

These issues never appeared before, only these last weeks, and should not be a kind of connectivity issue, because I noticed no problems with my other apps and devices.

Am I the only one or had someone else facing such issues?

was8bit 2024-01-17 23:22

Do you have lowres on other devices as well? If so, then the iphone is trying to synch your files with the other files in the other device...

I usually do all my programming on my ipad at home with wifi... anytime i try using my iphone with cellular data it takes it awhile sometimes to verify the synch..

Timo 2024-01-18 10:52

Maybe something changes in the new iOS versions. My phone is old, I don‘t get them anymore…
And I don‘t have time to check it, sorry :/

was8bit 2024-01-18 14:52 (Edited)

@Jeanmilost, what is your IOS level?

My ipad is 15.3.1, my iphone is 15.8

But, if you have your programs virtually shared, this is always a variable... i just now tested on my iphone and it took 15 seconds to synch...

Also, it may pop up all the files, but when i try to run a program that i have edited in another device, it then takes additional time to synch the code...

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