Planet 3D


McPepic 2024-01-23 01:40 (Edited)

Simple 3D space flight program!

64x64 1-bit screen
2D Compass
1 star, 2 planets, and 1 moon
Moving objects
3D movement and rotation of the camera
Simple perspective

Up & Down arrows - Forward and backward
left & Right arrows - Turn left and right
A & B buttons - Move up and down

I wanted to make the program simple,
so I limited the display size to 64x64 pixels and the rotation to the Y-Axis

Feel free to add to the simulation or optimize the code!

Update: Circle drawing now clips with the edges of the screen, added solar system (props to whoever can tell me what this solar system is a reference to!)

Planet 3D.nx | Open in app
2024-01-23 19:40
Planet 3D.nx | Open in app
2024-01-23 01:40

Timo 2024-01-23 13:04


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