Game Theory


CLIGUI 2024-03-28 01:19 (Edited)

I made a simple game theory (cough...) game, and was wondering if anyone had any similar projects or was interested in the subject.

GAME THEORY.nx | Open in app
2024-03-28 01:19

McPepic 2024-03-28 15:44

*Science Blaster Intensifies*
in seriousness, this is an interesting project. One thing that I’m noticing is that there seems to be no consequence to taking every time and the bot doesn’t learn from it. Even if the bot did learn, you’re far enough ahead at that point to stay ahead. I wonder what other elements one could add to this to make your moves more strategic.

CLIGUI 2024-03-28 20:41 (Edited)

I changed it so the bot will decide it’s next action based on your moves. Then deactivated the text showing it’s next move and made it so the bot will react in different extremes.

Basically This bot will share more if you share and take more if you take. Also the adoption % directly influences how much nicer or meaner the bot is.

GAME THEORY 1.nx | Open in app
2024-03-28 20:41

CLIGUI 2024-03-29 20:45 (Edited)

The game can play itself if you modify it a little, but it is boring to watch. So here is a version two people can play.

Each dev makes a bot under a pre-formatted label and then we can see who is able to collect the most coins. Below is the template and the rules.

Now it is more important to share and take at the right time so that you can get more coins.

Bot Battle.nx | Open in app
2024-03-29 20:45

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