Q: why does touchscreen disable gamepad?


dredds 2019-04-20 07:59

According to the manual, activating the touchscreen disables the gamepad for the rest of the program. Why is that? I’d like to use the touchscreen in menus & config screens and gamepads in the game.

I’d also like to use gamepad for movement and touchscreen for targeting in gameplay.

Timo 2019-04-20 11:00

I decided to make this limitation because of different supported platforms and controller types. You can play NX games on a PC where you would have to switch between mouse and keyboard, which can be annoying. You can even play with a real game controller, where switching between different input types is even worse. You could say that you could support both touch and gamepad input for menus, but I think very few people would think about all input types for all plattforms.
My idea is to limit possibilities so it’s easier to “force” programmers to support them well, and I make sure all types work on all platforms.

was8bit 2019-04-20 14:00 (Edited)

For Apple devices there are also issues with using both at the same time... when this was allowed i explored this....

Originally the ZOOM feature didn't exist, this kept the gamepad and buttons OUTSIDE of the active screen, but this meant the screen gets smaller, i personally hated a smaller screen, so I began to hate the gamepad

TOUCH only has issues when trying to make a game compatible with iPhones, they require 2x2 cell size otherwise touch control on iPhones really doesn't work...

And as TIMO already mentioned, using both at the same time for windows systems with touch (I have one I tested with) REALLY messes things up, it totally makes the game unplayable...

The 3 main systems that LOWRES NX is playable on: Windows touch pads, IPads, and IPhones, really do need to only use TOUCH or GAMEPAD, but not both, in order for a game to be easily playable for any system ...

I've also made games with my OWN touch controller gamepads (you can still do this if you want to) however there are two drawbacks... you can NOT use both touch and your gamepads at the same time, and it will become nearly unplayable on anything except a really big iPad...

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