Lost Heights


CamleeW 2019-04-28 21:52 (Edited)

P.S. The first one to beat the game (Finish all 8 endings) and comment the end game message will receive a PRIZE! [No Cheating! : ) ]

P.S. There was a MAJOR bug with the first one so do NOT download it!

Lost Heights!.nx | Open in app
2019-04-28 21:52

was8bit 2019-04-29 10:15

ERP... i always cheat!

CamleeW 2019-04-29 12:03

I considered that, so I made it super hard to find the final message.

was8bit 2019-04-29 14:51

Then........ it isn’t cheating ;)

CamleeW 2019-04-30 23:50

No ones beat the game yet, maybe it’s because the seventh ending is almost impossible to find.

Ldach31055 2019-05-07 16:31

I beat the game, the end game message is wizard

Ldach31055 2019-05-07 17:31

It took me forever to find the seventh message but I ended up stumbling upon it by accident.

CamleeW 2019-05-18 18:39 (Edited)

Oh I’m so sorry I’ve been inactive for so long, but hey, you won! GG! Which version did you use?
P.S. I’ll tell you you’re prize soon!

Ldach31055 2019-05-19 14:43

I used the newest version, the one released on April 30th

CamleeW 2019-05-19 20:57

GG mate... Except one thing. I “updated” the game with the intents of making the game harder. To put it bluntly, that versions impossible! The only version that works is the original, cheater! (Pretty clever anti-cheater system huh?)

Ldach31055 2019-05-20 01:58

Well I was able to finish it. To get the seventh ending you have to go into virus detection three time, I also took a screenshot of every ending

Lost Heights!.nx | Open in app
2019-05-20 01:58

Ldach31055 2019-05-20 02:04

1. Fail the in competence test
2. Fail the complete competence test
3. Finish the two available chapters of the demo game
4. Don’t kill Jarvis
5. Do kill Jarvis
6. Go into the virus detection
7. Go into the virus detection 3 times
8. Go into virus detection after completeing all 7 endings

Ldach31055 2019-05-20 02:18

Lost Heights!.nx | Open in app
2019-05-20 02:18

CamleeW 2019-05-24 00:51

Oh, I’m Sorry. I Checked The Code And I Guess The Game Didn’t Update Properly. Anyway, You’re Grand Prize Is A Collaboration Game With Me!

Ldach31055 2019-05-25 03:30

Cool, how do you want to do it?

CamleeW 2019-05-25 17:21

Do you have Discord?

Ldach31055 2019-05-26 18:33


Ldach31055 2019-05-27 18:47

CamleeW 2019-05-28 16:34

I joined

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