The cake delivery


Andy2080 2018-10-22 20:59 (Edited)

A small text-based game like LowRes adventure.

Answer by entering the numbers beside the locations

The Cake Delivery.nx | Open in app
2018-10-25 14:03
The Cake Delivery.nx | Open in app
2018-10-22 20:59

was8bit 2018-10-23 03:49


Timo 2018-10-23 07:50

Nice! Try adding this at the end of the program:


It's not an actual BASIC command, but just data which is loaded automatically to the color palette memory. It will change the background and text colors to something more "cake-queen-like" ;)
You can use the Background Designer to create your own colors. By default text uses palette #0.

Andy2080 2018-10-25 14:01


was8bit 2018-10-25 18:41

Nice colors :)

Timo 2019-01-24 20:07

This needs a little update to work with v0.11.

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