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dredds 2019-05-26 10:26

A little arcade/puzzle game I originally wrote to demonstrate how to use animation paths in a game. It turned out to better than I’d expected so I polished it up.

Tap to pop the bubbles in increasing order, starting at 1, then 2, 3, 4, ... But the rules of Fizz Buzz apply. If the number is a multiple of 3, tap Fizz instead of the number. If the number is a multiple of 5, tap Buzz. If the number is a multiple of 3 and 5, tap Fizz then Buzz.

Time is ticking. Every incorrect tap loses a bit more time. Every correct tap gives you a bit more time.

Can you pop the 99’th bubble?

Fizz Buzz.nx | Open in app
2019-05-30 21:06
Fizz Buzz.nx | Open in app
2019-05-28 07:36
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2019-05-27 21:50
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2019-05-27 20:25
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2019-05-27 17:27
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2019-05-27 07:55
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2019-05-26 18:59
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2019-05-26 10:49
Fizz Buzz.nx | Open in app
2019-05-26 10:26

Timo 2019-05-26 10:38

Nice! Found a little bug: When you play again after game over there are numbers without bubbles on the screen.

dredds 2019-05-26 10:49

I’ve uploaded a new version that hopefully fixes that bug

was8bit 2019-05-26 12:00


was8bit 2019-05-26 15:57

I have 2 suggestions ...

1) occasionally it isn’t always clear if a hit target has “took” or was missed... as a result I’m penalized trying to figure out exactly which and when my next target is next... having an indicator letting me know what my next target # is would be helpful

2) The next target number isn’t always on the screen... I feel it is unfair if the target number is unavailable to be hit but I still get penalized for not hitting hit... it only seems fair that the timer should only decrement if the target number is visible and not being hit...

was8bit 2019-05-26 16:07 (Edited)

Both things occur off screen...

if 3 is my next target but is offscreen when I hit FIZZ, I can’t see the pop and so I don’t know if I missed hitting FIZZ and shoud still hit FIZZ.. or should now hit 4, or get frustrated and confused and hit 3 ...

Also, a bubble off screen cannot be hit, but the timer still decrements... sometimes a bubble bobbles off and on and off screen for awhile and is not touchable most of the time...

dredds 2019-05-26 19:04 (Edited)

Thanks for the ideas.

I’ve added a zapper effect from fizz or buzz to the target number to show that it’s been hit, even when off screen.

I’ll add a shake effect to show when you tap the wrong bubble.

Having to remember the next target is the game, so I don’t want to show it on screen. But maybe I’ll add an easy mode where it’s visible, and track two high scores, one for easy mode and one for hard mode.

If you tap fast enough you can keep the timer topped up even though bubbles go off screen.

was8bit 2019-05-27 04:46

Yea, I’m the kind of gamer that needs ALL the cheats I can get ;)

Your zipper effect is SOO helpful :) thanks so much :)

Oh, on the easy mode, cut timer down to 1/4th the current speed... my brain is like a tank.... powerfully strong, but not a speed demon... I’m lucky to get to double digits in my numbers before time runs out... maybe because I’m sleepy/tired too ;)

dredds 2019-05-27 07:56

Update: Bubbles shake “no” if you tap them at the wrong time

was8bit 2019-05-27 08:09

Very nice :)

I got up to 20 this time :)

dredds 2019-05-27 17:28

Update: the penalty for hitting the wrong bubble is now proportional to the current target. So you don’t get penalised early in the game, but the risks get higher as you get closer to winning.

was8bit 2019-05-27 17:39

Cool :)

I got stuck again .. I though I was on 20, but apparently i was on 19 as my high score said 18 after I lost... which i assume was the last thing hit... :/ but I got thru abit quicker this time, and at least the jiggling balls told me something was wrong :)

dredds 2019-05-27 20:25

Update: bug fix

dredds 2019-05-27 21:50

Update: bubbles speed up as numbers get higher

was8bit 2019-05-28 05:06

Hey I got up to 42 :D

dredds 2019-05-28 07:35

I’ve manage to get to 68. :-)

dredds 2019-05-28 07:36

Update: added a sound effect when popping a bubble

was8bit 2019-05-28 09:13

I really like the sound effects :)

... must be tired, only got 20 this time... time to get some sleep .. ;)

dredds 2019-05-30 21:06

Update: more robust bouncing

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