Octopus flop


Tinycloud778 2019-06-16 00:10 (Edited)

A simple arcade game where you jump from left to right collecting coins... As an octopus

Force Flop.nx | Open in app
2019-06-19 02:43
Force Flop.nx | Open in app
2019-06-17 20:55
Force Flop.nx | Open in app
2019-06-16 17:21
Force Flop.nx | Open in app
2019-06-16 17:05
Force Flop.nx | Open in app
2019-06-16 00:10

was8bit 2019-06-16 04:36 (Edited)

Cool game :)

Very creative :)

Tinycloud778 2019-06-16 17:06


Timo 2019-06-16 18:53

I saw in your code that you want to show the current score while playing. You can use the other BG for it. BG 0 is in the foreground and BG 1 is in the background. Use BG 1 for scrolling and BG 0 for the score. Keep in mind that the X/Y position for the TEXT command is in cells/characters and not pixels.

Tinycloud778 2019-06-17 19:17

Ok thanks

Tinycloud778 2019-06-17 19:21

I was going to put the score in the game screen but I took it out because it was too distracting and could cover some game elements

Timo 2019-06-17 19:56

Yes, good point!

PranXter 2019-06-28 18:47

This is really creative

Tinycloud778 2019-06-28 20:58


DJMoffinz 2019-11-08 02:53

Fun, but I think the speed goes up a little fast, very clever idea though. I have seen this idea before but I think using an octopus is better than just using a coloured ball. 👍

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