LowRes NX v0.15 for Mac, Windows and iOS


Timo 2019-07-05 12:14 (Edited)

New update!

Download the Windows and Mac versions from GitHub:

Get LowRes NX Coder for iOS on the App Store:

moechofe 2019-07-05 19:07

Is there a bug from the documentation about POKEW?
- int 2 bytes from -32768 to 32767
- uint 2 bytes from 0 to 65535

Timo 2019-07-05 20:28

Yes, the manual is totally wrong! And the funny thing is, I copied the numbers from the original AmigaBASIC manual, which is wrong, too :O
Correct is -32768 to 32767.

moechofe 2019-07-07 05:23

that’s funny,

anyway, this is for me the best update of LRNX, thanx you.

Timo 2019-07-12 11:34 (Edited)

BG Designer 1.4 is broken. Please get version 1.5 from

It will be included already in LowRes NX v0.15.1 and the iOS app version 1.7.1.

Timo 2019-07-14 14:19

Just published LowRes NX v0.15.1 for all platforms with the fixed BG Designer.

msoft 2019-07-14 19:46

Hey Timo, I was wondering if you had plans for adding date and time functions?

moechofe 2019-07-18 12:05 (Edited)

Amos & LowResNX

Timo 2019-07-18 15:32

Modul Software: DATE$ and TIME$ functions are not planned. LowRes NX simulates old consoles, which didn't have a built-in clock. Also I think the only use case for these functions is to make a clock, nothing else. It's almost impossible to calculate the passed time between two dates/times, as you would have to know the exact calendar. This makes these functions useless for gameplay.

moechofe 2019-07-18 16:30

So that will make lowresnx unsuitable for idle games.

Timo 2019-07-18 19:57

You mean games where time passes while they are not running? This would require a different timer, not date strings. I’m thinking about it.

msoft 2019-07-19 06:18

Ah ok, I understand

Timo 2019-07-25 16:11

Oh, the zip for macOS doesn't contain the actual application :O Will update soon!

Timo 2019-07-25 19:16


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