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Timo 2018-10-11 12:06

Finally this is the new official website for LowRes NX, were you can share your programs, download others and discuss. It's still an early version and there may be some problems. Please contact me if you have any trouble.

The plan is to make all programs playable directly on the website, but this is not done yet. So far you can only download them and play them with the LowRes NX application.

The next thing is to implement notifications, because I think they are important to improve the communication here. There won't be annoying push notifications though, just a page where you can see them.

I'm not completely happy with the design yet. Especially I would like to make the topic pages a bit clearer. The icons were made as placeholders, but some people already said I should keep them. I will think about it ;)

was8bit 2018-10-11 19:35

I am in the middle of taking care of my family today, so I'll be back later... but I quickly tried to use iCloud to upload script and image and failed... :/ will try later, but I'm happy that it is here :D

was8bit 2018-10-11 23:11

I'm confused as I've thought perhaps it was the post game from my icon that didn't work while the post game from main page did work, but I just posted the test ones from my iPad mini from my icon list and so I've eliminated that my iPad mini or the icon list was the reason...

The last ZERO post was from my NEW iPad from the main page post game link... so I'm not sure why some get posted and some don't.....

Timo 2018-10-12 08:47

I added a check for empty files, so at least we don't get broken posts here. I'll still have to find out what's wrong with iCloud though.

Timo 2018-10-12 09:47 (Edited)

You can now delete a topic from the "Edit Topic" page, so you can clean up your failed uploads.

was8bit 2018-10-12 15:23 (Edited)

Thanks for the delete button :D

Also, thanks for the "zero file" error catch, as it at least prevents empty file posts :)

was8bit 2018-10-14 05:21

I also LOVE how you can add to an existing game, keeping continuity with updates and comments to THAT game without messing up the main game page... very well done :D

moechofe 2019-02-05 20:49

I would like to have a feature in the forum.
A way to see last updated program, even if I never seen it before, so I never click the like button, so I will never receive a notification.

Timo 2019-02-05 20:56

It's on my to-do list :) But it's quite long, too...
Another thing I want to do is, that programs that change from "Work in Progress" to another category bump up in the feed.

moechofe 2019-02-05 21:51

It will be nice to have this too.

You still don’t need for help? I’m a professional Web developer.

Timo 2019-02-06 20:55

I guess I need more time to think in detail about what I want on the web, than actually programming it. But I'll keep you offer in mind :)

Vance 2019-03-21 23:47

hellllllllllllllllllo hats are neat

G-9 2020-05-04 11:57


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