6 Color Tiles


was8bit 2019-09-01 07:28


Timo 2019-09-01 08:15

Nice graphics :)

was8bit 2019-09-01 10:44

Thanks :D

I was not sleeping so pursued a vision... this COULD be a game if I can agree on how ;) my loose idea is something like it has layered rounds (love,money,power),(north,south,east,west),(spring,summer,fall,winter) with game ending after end of winter round... one connects tiles to create a score (various bonuses for matching a current round) which are then replaced but no falling tiles... I may have random target cards you have to fill out... all of this is in the foggy parts of my brain, so I guess it will become a game if it all becomes clear one day ... hence why I shared this as only an example for now ...

Mrlegoboy 2019-09-02 03:07

Or you could just make mah-jong

was8bit 2019-09-02 06:00

Actually, mahjong greatly influenced this... but I don’t neccessarily like making things you can already get elsewhere... ;)

The heart, money, power was inspired by an old board game called “careers” ...

The style I want to use for removing tiles is based on a now defunct Chinese coin collecting game...

And the card method for collecting runs is remotely inspired by another board game I like called Avalanche...

.. I have the game laid out in notes... making it real with code is a different issue... recently my work load reaches nearly 80hrs/week so I’ve not time nor brains to do any serious coding lately ... :/

was8bit 2019-09-02 06:19



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