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was8bit 2019-09-15 06:18 (Edited)

A demonstration of

1) using BG 1 as data

2) creating a candle effect (lightning up things close to player)

3) aligning font set #’s with ASC/CHR$ #’s for quick read of BG text characters

... when you bump into a character on the background, the code instantly knows which character you bumped into... (show at the top left corner)

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2019-09-15 06:18

Tinycloud778 2019-09-15 12:58


was8bit 2019-09-15 13:25 (Edited)

Thanks :)

It was a quicky I had thought of... the other part of the quicky idea is a little game idea, which if I find myself unable to sleep again I might pop off really quick one night :)

... if you look at the code, there is some of it I added REM to... I noticed when i included the area to 32x32 the CPU usage was well beyond 70%, and when i dropped it to 20x16 it cut the CPU usage in half... so I want to experiment with cutting it down further to 9x9 ( the “lit” area) .... this will give it lightning speed...

So when you play the game, the “darker” areas will not be processed and appear frozen or imobile... only the lit area will be active.... I’m just curious how it will feel to play such a game :)

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