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LEKRAF (solitare dice)


was8bit 2019-10-01 04:20 (Edited)

Roll and Score, and try not to strike out!

111 = 1,000 pnts
222 = 200 pnts
333 = 300 pnts
444 = 400 pnts
555 = 500 pnts
Each 5 = 50 pnts
Each 1 = 100 pnts

General Rules:
In each round, there are 16 roll tokens shown at top as circles below the score... Rolling all 5 dice is free, but all other rolls require a token... when all tokens are used, the round is over.

For each level, there is a TARGET score for each round. If you miss the target, you get an out... 3 outs in a level and the game is over. If you DO reach the target, you advance to a new level (each new level starts with a new target and zero outs).

Additionally, when you reach a target, your score for that round is mulitplied by a bonus amount (based on your level) before it is added to your total running score.

The highest level is level 10... Beating this level beats the game and ends the game.

The TOP score is your total game score
The MIDDLE score is the points for the current round
The row of circles below these are the ROLL DICE tokens
On the sides is the STRIKES for the current round... there is only 3 total strikes, they are shown twice on both sides only for a balanced look

At the bottom are 4 buttons...
... the left button sets the background color
... the next left button rolls the dice
... the next button SCORES dice
... the rightmost button starts a new game (currently doesnt work)
Above the buttons is the level# and target#... at the bottom center is the # of tokens left, and also the # of outs (also shown at top, graphically)

Dice at top and red will be rolled
Dice below and bright green will be scored
You can toggle these dice up and down
Dice below in darker green are scored and out of play
When ALL dice are dark green (all scored) you get a FREE reroll :)

TIP: always score a SET first, then score SINGLES... (you can hit the SCORE button multiple times before you roll again)

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2019-10-04 05:35
Dicegame 0.6.nx | Open in app
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Dicegame 0.5.nx | Open in app
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Dicegame.nx | Open in app
2019-10-01 04:20

was8bit 2019-10-04 05:02 (Edited)

Game getting close to being finished... need to speed up score update.... and a few other things...

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