New gamepad mode


DJMoffinz 2019-10-31 09:40

Can we have an update which adds a command where we can use gamepad and touchscreen at the same time, something like “GAMEPAD 1 (ALLOW TOUCHSCREEN)” or TOUCH for short, thanks, this would be really helpful!
[Like if you agree :)]

Timo 2019-10-31 13:09

The reason I made it exclusive is to be compatible with all kinds of platforms. On a touchscreen this may work, but if you play on a computer and use an actual gamepad you would have to change between mouse and gamepad. This wouldn't be a good user experience. Or even on a touchscreen it's possible that the on-screen gamepad overlaps the game screen, so you wouldn't be able to touch all positions.

DJMoffinz 2019-10-31 20:58

Darn. Oh well, I’ll just have to work around it then. Thanks anyway.

was8bit 2019-11-01 05:09 (Edited)

Originally it was that way, and it caused a lot of issues for compatibility with non touchscreen devices, as touch functions are transfered to mouse control, and gamepad is transfered to keyboard, so just imagine trying to play an action game and having to quickly use a mouse and at the same time use 6 different keys on the keyboard.. all at the same time!

So, to keep compatibility to mouse/keyboard players, restricting your game to only keyboard buttons (gamepad) OR mouse (touchscreen) makes your game playable for everyone :)

You COULD create your own touch controlled gamepad type controls on the screen... but it complicates things... 1) your buttons will need to be at least 2x2 in size to be compatible with apple phones, and also you may need to keep the control buttons on BG 0 and the game on BG 1, especially if your game scrolls...

was8bit 2019-11-01 05:52

I posted an example of custom touch controlled gamepad arrows :)


DJMoffinz 2019-11-01 06:09

It’s so good! Can I use it?

was8bit 2019-11-01 14:30 (Edited)

There ARE advantages to using GAMEPAD...

If you google NIMBUS STEELSERIES you will find a gsme controller that can connect with ipads and iphones and takes the gaming experience to a professional level, and it is 100% compatible with any lowresNX game you make using the GAMEPAD command....

So, to simulate touch control, you can take an example from traditional computers and simulate a mouse control that is controled with GAMEPAD commands... you can use approach to let a player select different tiles on the screen using GAMEPAD to positon the mouse icon and select things... doing this with a SPRITE will free up both BG's for use with your game.... i will post an example later... :)

was8bit 2019-11-01 15:10

Here is my Custom Mouse Contols :)


DJMoffinz 2019-11-03 05:34

Ok, I’ll check it out.

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