Window Demo (Pxl Library 2.0)


nathanielbabiak 2019-11-27 23:35 (Edited)

This is a demo of some of the window capabilities of the Pxl BG Tool, available here: https://lowresnx.inutilis.com/topic.php?id=1502

The source code includes commented "mock-ups" of the Pxl BG Tool screens, so you can see how to use it.

For use with Pxl Library 2.0, available here: https://lowresnx.inutilis.com/topic.php?id=1501

was8bit 2019-12-06 06:46

Im getting abit sleepy... will definitely check this out extensively as have time :)

was8bit 2019-12-09 04:30

.... >_<

So, i know my brain thinks in base 10 and bit math is always a struggle... so i kinda hacked something for my latest SPIROGRAPH and im certain its full of errors but it works good enough for its purpose...

... i know all full screen graphic hacks cause the flashing... i was wondering if the graphic screen was smaller, maybe in all white, would result in faster smoother animation...

Also, GET PUT commands would be convienient... example, GET captures and stores a graphic block... PUT places on visual screen by pixel coordinates

was8bit 2019-12-09 05:00


Hello.nx | Open in app
2019-12-09 05:00

was8bit 2019-12-09 05:01 (Edited)

Note, code doesnt match image... image is a capture of a 3d cityscape designer i made in original lowres

You can see where i used GET to get the image block, PUT could be used as a whole block, or only non zero bits were put (i used that mode) and if you built your cityscape from top to bottom (or back to front) it looked really nice

In a real game, the view would get redrawn for you, but i never got that far...

nathanielbabiak 2019-12-09 14:31

The PXL_INIT_DIR and PXL_WINDOW_DIR subprograms allow for smaller windows, the 11/27 update makes the setup source code much 'cleaner', check it out! The speed is really only a function of the number of pixels that get modified (for example, a line that's twice as long would take about twice as long to draw). As far as GET/PUT subprograms go, I'm working on the pxl library sprite subprograms that will handle this. (Actually, I'll be calling them pics not sprites since their purpose will be a bit different than the LowRes NX sprite commands). I'll prioritize that one for you over the 4 color version of the library. :-)

was8bit 2019-12-09 18:56

cool :) if i wasnt so tired so much from work i could better wrap my brain around some of these things....

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