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Tic Tac Toe Game


was8bit 2019-12-11 08:31 (Edited)

Game now fully playable.....


V 0.1 game checks for a tic tac toe win, reboots new game,
....... with PONG mini game
V 0,2 adds SNAKE mini game

I had promised not to do any more WIP, but i worked too hard on this to not post it

The idea is eventually there will be 9 different mini games ... since i plan on holding off finishing this until i clean up my other games, keep your eye on this one as i will work on it until its done.... :)

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2019-12-11 08:31

Timo 2019-12-11 12:18

This looks cool!

was8bit 2019-12-11 13:41

Thanks :) i was in my "i cant sleep" moment when i saw this in my mind, and i was able to capture it in code before i lost it ::

Roger Davis 2019-12-11 20:36

This shows bags of promise! Love the concept! : )

was8bit 2019-12-11 21:49

Thanks so much :)

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 03:57 (Edited)

Hi there was8bit, I love this so far - in particular the 'PONG' mini-game! But I'm not so sure about the 'SNAKE' mini-game, - at least not in its current form! The play field area is just too small for me. I have a suggestion/query to put to you! Would it be possible to ZOOM IN (and OUT) four of the nine available squares in the game - depending on where the mini-game is to be played - to allow for a slightly larger playing area? 🤔 (Actually 4x the playing area!) I honestly believe this would be extremely beneficial to the playability of the game as a whole. It may ALSO make the other mini-games you have in mind for implementation much easier to adapt into the game, because I think a limited playing area limits the kinds of games that you are able to incorporate here. It IS only a suggestion, and I don't know if it's even possible, but please consider trying out this idea. **Please note that WHEREVER the mini-game is to be played within the nine tic-tac-toe squares - as determined randomly by the games code - by zooming in/out any four ADJACENT squares of the nine, the game can still be played perfectly due to the squares ALL INTERSECTING EACH OTHER.** - It's a bit like one of those puzzles where you have to figure out how many squares there are within a larger square. Anyway, I hope you can find this useful! Love your work! Thanks! 😊

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 06:07

was8bit, I only mentioned this idea right now, because your game is still in early development. There's time to try this idea before proceeding further into the games development - if you can do it, and if you want to! 😃😊

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 06:43 (Edited)

I also have an idea for a possible mini-game for you. Have you ever played a game called 'ARCHON'? 🤔 (Pronounced Ark-on) It was a favourite of mine during the Commodore C64 days of the 1980's, published (I think!) by a company called Electronic Arts - now more famous for their sports titles on modern consoles - EA Sports. Actually ARCHON was in some ways similar to your very own 'Super Chess' game was8bit! Part of the game was played very much like a futuristic game of Chess, but with ONE major difference! Upon 'capturing' your opponents avatar in a particular square, you then entered a mini-game 'arena' - non-scrolling shoot-'em-up game. You could play against the computer AI (simple AI that located the position of the players sprite, and fired in that general direction), - OR, . . You could play against a human opponent (2-player). The computer AI, although 'simple' was quite difficult to beat, because it could move faster than you could! It's accuracy though was only very good when the game was set on 'hard' mode, - the game had (again - I think!) three levels of difficulty - easy, medium & hard. The mini-game arena was a simple SQUARE (See where I'm going with this? Lol 😂). It had things like 'cactus', and 'tumbleweed' scattered around it - the cactus you could hide behind and it would protect you from being shot. ; the tumbleweed if you let it 'blow into you' (the sprite moved randomly across the screen from left to right or vice-versa) would hold you up from moving for a second or two. It was designed to look like a western themed level. I believe this sort of mini-game would fit into your game very well! Have a think on it! 😊

was8bit 2019-12-18 07:04

Thanks so much for your energetic enthusiasm :D

Unfortunately i will keep the games to their current tinyness... SNAKE actually already exits on my line up of games :)

My idea was very simple atari styled games... after all, one NX game has limitations of how much code you can use.... and when if i hit that limit before i reach my goal of 9 mini games, then it will have to have whatever my limit will be..

was8bit 2019-12-18 07:11

Oh, if you like strategy board games, check these out....

... the last one self-plays... if you to try it as a playable game, let me know and i will get it made 4 u to play :)

was8bit 2019-12-18 07:13 (Edited)

And, oh, there WILL be a shoot-em up mini games on this tic tac toe game ;)

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 08:54 (Edited)

Thanks for replying to me was8bit, I do appreciate it! Glad to hear there will be some shoot-'em-up's in the final mix! I didn't realise that NX had a limitation on the amount of code you can use!! 😮 (*gulp!*) - its just as well you told me that now, because several of the things I had planned for the future might not be possible now! I'll give them my very best shot, and have a red hot go, but . . .We'll see! Thanks also for the info on strategy board games, I DO like them, but not as much as Arcade-style games! In fact, I ONLY played ARCHON all those years ago because I loved the aforementioned mini-game! 😂🤣 Lol. But I'll look them up anyway, so many thanks! I understand now why people try to keep their games relatively small, - due to certain memory limitations. Ta for all your help! Oh, . . Wait! Is it possible to do with games and other programs what you did with Picture Picture Editor & Displayer? That is to say, can you link one program to another in order to overcome the memory/code limitations? 🤔 Only I notice that above you said : 'One NX game has limitations of how much code you can use . . . . .' - or would that NOT work? 🤔 All the best anyway, take care! (By the way, thanks also for saying I have 'energetic enthusiasm'!) Not too bad for a 60 year-old eh? Hahahaha!

was8bit 2019-12-18 09:04

Well.... TOOLS only contribute DATA files to your game... then your game can then use that data file...

In my UPSCALER TEST i just posted, i have figured out how to use CODE to convert 1single cell graphic into several sizes... now i can create a second character file thar i will load with code seperate from my main character file, and just copy individual characters as i need them... this will allow me to have 256 enemies, weapons, etc. and still have my text fonts, etc. :)

was8bit 2019-12-18 09:07

You have limited active memory (see memory map at the bottom of your help file) and also a limit of how much code in your game... for IOS phone or ipad users you cant tell how much code is too much until you hit it... for windows version of NX, it tells you... i think thats called the "token count"...

was8bit 2019-12-18 09:08 (Edited)

Also, you have a limit of 15 data files at the bottom of your code...

(File 0 usually reserved for default text)

was8bit 2019-12-18 09:15

Your text file for your game, including code and data, is limited....

Cartridge ROM (32 KB)

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 09:48 (Edited)

I see! Very interesting!! VERY INTERESTING indeed!!! I've just taken a look at your UPSCALER TEST post, and downloaded it! Great stuff! Are these upscaled images Sprites or is there another program for that? Upscaling/Downscaling Sprites I mean! It would come in very handy for something I had planned! (An Arcade game!) Years ago, I used to use AMOS (compiled) BASIC on the Commodore Amiga. One of the projects I had going was an Arcade conversion of SEGA's 'Virtua Cop' game. I had a Sprite upscaler routine which would imitate the 'zoom in/zoom out graphics of the background images. I used a painting program called 'Deluxe Paint IV' to draw the background images (each of which were approximately 3 times bigger than the visible screen, then used the 'scaler' routine to shrink down the images. The 'scaler' routine would do this by making 15 copies of the images (each one slightly smaller than the rest) then SAVE those 15 copies - PLUS the original image as a set of SPRITES in a Sprite 'Bank'. The routine then ALSO handled the displaying of said Sprite images! Meaning that I could zoom in & out up to 16x the original images! Unfortunately, I lost that 'scaler' code years ago! In the end though, the Amiga ran out of memory, largely because I was also using AMOS 3D Extension for the 'crosshairs' of the gun in the game, AND for the 3D bad guys (the ones with 'hostages' that you couldn't shoot - "HELP ME"!! they used to shout.) Oh yeah, . . . I also used 'Samples' for speech, - and even had the 'light gun' set up! But it was all too much for the Commodore Amiga - even though I had an 8 Mb memory board installed on my main motherboard! Hahaha! When I think about that now! 8 Mb!! It seemed HUGE in the 1990's! Lol 😂

was8bit 2019-12-18 09:53 (Edited)

(I am a big intellision fan myself... still have the consol and cartridges)

The upscaling takes LOTS of tricks.. not for the faint of heart ;)

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 10:22

But is there ANY chance was8bit, that you could make a similar program to what I have just described? 🤔 I'd be ever so grateful if you could! - When you have the time I mean! I know how busy you are, and don't wish to impose, but if it's at all possible I'd really appreciate it. 😊

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 10:24

It wouldn't have to be exactly how I've described it, just similar! 😊😊

was8bit 2019-12-18 11:03

Do u mean the background zoomer?

Theoretically possible, but probably as a still image, not realtime action..

The effect is done at the pixel level... by reading each of the 64 pixels in a single cell, and the 80 cells one at a time and upscaling them one pixel at a time... thats reading over 5,000 pixels and writing over 20,000 pixels... you could measure time it would take in seconds perhaps minutes to complete...

Roger Davis 2019-12-18 13:02

Right! Got you was8bit, it just isn't really very workable unless perhaps you used Scaled Sprites! But I don't know if that can be done in NX. Thank you anyway was8bit! You're ok. 😊👌

was8bit 2019-12-18 15:35

In NX, you can "simulate" scaled sprites simply by providing the different images for the Sprite, which is what I've done with my test... but it doesn't automatically do it....

.... I am always glad to help as I can :)

was8bit 2019-12-18 15:37

.... however, you could "simulate" a background being zoomed in double... IF you have a simple background like a brick wall.... let me post a demo :)

was8bit 2019-12-18 16:31

Here ya go ;)

Roger Davis 2019-12-19 00:03 (Edited)

Many, many thanks for that was8bit! And for the help & advice! You're very good to have devoted so much of your valuable time to answering my questions! I really do appreciate that! I'm no expert at coding, but sometimes can think of ways of getting around problems - a 'troubleshooter' type of person! It will help once I get a good handle of NX, and can sort problems in the proper manner however! Lol 😂 Thank you again - from the bottom of my heart for your attention, help, advice & patience! If you EVER have any problems you think I may be able to help with - in ANY way, please don't hesitate to contact me. 😊😃👍

was8bit 2019-12-19 00:23

NX has given me such happiness.. i enjoy sharing :)

Roger Davis 2019-12-19 04:24

Me too was8bit! And I promise you I will get around to sharing, once I've come properly to grips with the inner workings of NX. You're right, it is an immensely satisfying experience to be able to realise your dreams by programming in a language such as NX, and be capable of 'sharing the dream'! That's what makes it all worthwhile. 😃😊

was8bit 2019-12-19 05:51


was8bit 2019-12-19 05:55 (Edited)

How much Nx have you got understood? I would be happy to help... even the tiniest amount of NX knowledge can be used to make some kind of game... there are plenty of fun text games, or simple cell character games :)

Roger Davis 2019-12-19 06:51 (Edited)

Was8bit, to be perfectly honest I've only really been downloading code and taking a brief look at it so far! As I mentioned to you once before I think, I am a hobbyist musician. I create my music in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on the iPad, but that wouldn't work within NX because I save my music in .WAV (or WAVE) format. I don't believe NX can handle that? 🤔 Anyway, I've actually been ON NX since the early days of the original 'Lowres Coder', but never posted because I thought my password wouldn't work. It turned out to be because the browser I was using was faulty!!! 😱😱😳 But I've been watching all of your exploits, and downloading code (because that's ALL I thought I could do!), and just as I was getting used to the original language - it changed up a notch when NX arrived! Lol 😂 By the time I get used to NX, Timo will most likely have come up with something else! Thanks for the offer, however, in reality games are not my main concern for the moment, - I'm far more interested in the music side of things! The problem is that - like most people, yourself included, I'm finding it hard to get the time to concentrate fully! I'm an Admin on 2 separate groups on Facebook, and I live in a very large Aged Care Facility in Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺 🐨. It's a very busy Facility (Nursing home), and because I'm an insulin-dependent diabetic with only one leg (the result of an amputation due to gangrenous infection), I have nursing Staff busying themselves around me all of the time! So I don't get much chance to focus on anything! Ah well! One of these days . . 😊 Thanks for the offer though! If I have any further questions regarding NX, I can assure you I'll direct them your way was8bit! You're amazing! : )

was8bit 2019-12-19 07:31 (Edited)

Ah... yes... life gets very busy... i mostly use NX to wind down or capture a moment of escape from the hustle and bustle...

... hmm.... try checking out this ...

... i think i will make a harmony chord box for you... full of buttons to play with but rather than just noises, the buttons will offer up different rifts of harmonic chords :)

I will keep the code easy to read :)

... but it may be a few days... i like music too, but my approach is purely mathematical as i have no real musical talent persay...

was8bit 2019-12-19 07:47

On the Melodic Harmony, i will explain the little number in the top left corner..

This was made the key of C with notes CDEFGAB... with key chord progresions I II III IV V VI VII I and I IV VII III VI II V I ... randomly alternating between the two... thus you will see numbers 1-7

Additionally i added 3 sub chords...
8 = II (v) = A C# E = v followed by II
9 = IV (ii) = G Bb D = ii followed by IV
10= V (v) = D F# A = v followed by V

was8bit 2019-12-19 08:17

Ok, i got a super easy thing for you to explore... let me know once you comfortable with editing sounds.... we will then go to step 2 of learning how to make music with NX :)

Roger Davis 2019-12-19 08:18

The harmony chord box idea sounds smashing was8bit! Please don't worry about how long it will take you to program it. I can wait for something as special as that! I'm a very patient person, I need to be because I'm living with people who have dementia, memory loss (both long-term, and short-term memory loss), and Cancer etc. So I have become extra patient! 😊👍

was8bit 2019-12-19 08:26 (Edited)

On my Melodic Harmony...
The RIFFS are ramdomly made via the graphic interactions...

... i got the idea from the app NODEBEAT, which is far better than mine...

If you like my version of my Melodic Harmony your Harmony Chord Box will be a playable variation of it :)

Roger Davis 2019-12-19 09:11

Was8bit, Yes! I'm familiar with NODEBEAT, I have it on my iPad! I also have tinkered around with your very own Melodic Harmony! I reckon it's full-on excellent! Thanks immensely, I'm really very grateful! 😃👌 I just downloaded the new program, but will have to wait until tomorrow to try it out, due to time constraints! But many thanks for all your help Was8bit, I only hope that I am able to repay your kindness one day! ; )

was8bit 2019-12-19 16:00

Being able to help others is something i enjoy :)

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