A background that you can draw on


Mrlegoboy 2019-12-20 01:00

I’ve taken johnywhatevas drawing code and made a way to draw backgrounds onto it. Even works with flipped tiles.

If you want to use your own backgrounds with this, you need to follow these rules:
-The background can only have pallete 0
-The background has to be 128x7 characters large. You have to do this by first making a background that is 128x16, and then replacing the first 8 letters of the background data with “00008007”

Roger Davis 2019-12-20 03:25 (Edited)

Mrlegoboy, Hi there! I've just downloaded this very clever program! It looks & sounds the absolute business! I haven't tested it out yet, but if it does as you say, I'd be mighty impressed! I have 'liked' it purely for being a brilliant idea. I will test it out later for myself, and let you know how it goes! 😃 Just one thing 'of note' - (if you'll excuse the pun!), but I've had a quick look at your code for this, and I'm finding it a little hard to figure out 'what does what', and how. Could you possibly include some 'EXTRA' info & MORE REM statements into the code please? 🤔 I confess to being only something of a novice/beginner at NX coding, and I am finding the code hard to follow. Thank you! 😃😊👌

Mrlegoboy 2019-12-20 14:35

Yeah i could do that

Roger Davis 2019-12-20 14:51

Thank you very much Mrlegoboy! I'm very impressed & excited by your SuperFX style game, and Fatty Patty! Cheddar Defender is great too! You've been very busy 😃👍

Mrlegoboy 2019-12-20 18:34

there you go, theres some comments in there now.

Roger Davis 2019-12-20 19:53

Many , many thanks for that Mrlegoboy! That's great! Keep going, you're a clever coder! 😃😊👌

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