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Procedural card game


Jonnywhateva 2019-12-20 07:54

Another work in progress that eventually lost the "in progress". Dynamically generates cards which I was working out a battling card game with. Just got the card viewing and deck editing working, not the actual card battling. Images on cards are a little funky looking, kind of a placeholder algorithm.

Card Game 2.nx | Open in app
2019-12-20 07:54

Jonnywhateva 2019-12-20 07:55

Oh yeah, it doesn't say it, but press B at the main menu to get a random card pack

was8bit 2019-12-20 16:09

Cool :)

Tinycloud778 2019-12-20 19:24


Roger Davis 2019-12-21 01:08

Great 😃👌

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