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was8bit 2019-12-25 05:42 (Edited)

A Word Seach without a dictionary... your honesty and spelling skills are assumed..

To Move Cursor: Arrow Keys
To Scroll Letters: A-button + Arrow Keys
To Score Letters: B-button + Arrow Keys

Scoring notes:
1) Must be 3+ letters (green) in a straight line (not diagonal)
2) All letters must be highlighed GREEN (not including the red cursor)
3) Score=2^(letters-1) so score ranges from 4 to 512 each word

- An easy mistake is to include the red cursor as part of your word
- to get a 10 letter word, move up/down to get last letter highlighted green

No save or highscore... game is just to eleviate boredom in a productive maner ;)

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2019-12-25 05:42

Roger Davis 2019-12-25 06:58 (Edited)

Was8bit, I think there's a problem here. When I press the A-button + Right Arrow (assuming you're referring to the 'Arrows' being on the Directional Pad), I get the following error :

Argument Count Mismatch
Sub Point (X,Y,P)

Actually was8bit, I've just double-checked, and the error occurs with A-button + ANY Directional Pad press. Hope this helps you! : )

Roger Davis 2019-12-25 08:28

By the way, I really love word games like this! Hope you can fix it! 😃👍 . . . Maybe AFTER CHRISTMAS! Lol 😂

was8bit 2019-12-25 10:21

Ooops.... thanks for catching that, and the feedback was perfect... i fixed it in a couple of seconds ;)

... should be up and running now :)

Roger Davis 2019-12-25 13:07

Glad I could help was8bit! : )

Roger Davis 2019-12-25 13:26

Works fine now! Great game! : )

was8bit 2019-12-25 14:36

Thanks :)

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