Air racer


Tinycloud778 2020-01-21 22:53 (Edited)

in air racer you control a RacerShip where you have to finish the tracks as fast as possible but the game is hard, you’ll have to try many times before beating it!!

The RacerShip can’t stop
Press ‘A’ to go faster
Press ‘B’ to slow down

Big thanks to Was8Bit for this version, I only changed something’s like lowering down the wait time for res pawning and sending you to the room you were in instead of sending you to the title screen ENJOY!!

Air Racer.nx | Open in app
2020-01-21 22:58
Air Racer.nx | Open in app
2020-01-21 22:53

Tinycloud778 2020-01-21 22:58

The update was to remove the wait when res pawning

Roger Davis 2020-01-21 23:28

I like this a real lot Tinycloud! Very challenging - but addictive as hell!! Thanks. : )

Tinycloud778 2020-01-22 01:51 (Edited)

No Thanks to you!!

TrashCan Games 2020-01-22 03:31

Insanely hard
But fun

was8bit 2020-01-22 05:33

I LOVE this game...

... i reworked the code... i also made it where i could play it... A=accelerat3 (faster), B=breaks (slower)

"IF" you like my version, or even just parts of it, please feel free to use as much or all of it :) it is technically still YOUR code, i just streamlined the code you had ;)

was8bit 2020-01-22 05:49 (Edited)

I organized your main DO LOOP... this is the order i used...

1) display elapsed time
2) get player direction
3) looped the direction if needed
4) adjust player position
5) update player sprite
6) read cell num at player position
7) process if cell is the GOAL
8) process if cell is a WALL
9) get player AB inout and adjust speed

I also changed the WAIT to VBL as the original WAIT 4 was preventing me from just tapping the direction buttons as your original set up kept me crashing and i could not get past the first corner... i guess i was trying to tap the button while it was in WAIT 4 and my taps were being ignored....

As i have it set up, you TAP your way around the corners...

Tinycloud778 2020-01-22 15:04 (Edited)

thanks Was8Bit!!

Timo 2020-01-22 15:31

This is cool :)

G-9 2020-01-22 16:11


was8bit 2020-01-22 19:21


Tinycloud778 2020-01-22 20:50


Tinycloud778 2020-01-22 20:54


G-9 2020-01-23 16:03


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PhoenixCoding11 2020-01-26 19:50

This is so cool

Tinycloud778 2020-02-04 19:18


nathanielbabiak 2022-06-10 15:09 (Edited)

This is really fun! My score is 249 (with the secret/cheating level lol)

Not sure if it was intended as part of the game, but I found the speed changed a lot between straight and diagonal, I adjusted the DATA instructions at the beginning of the code to make it match. If you like it matching, please feel free to use it.

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