Dynamic Sprite assignment


Jonnywhateva 2020-02-05 00:51 (Edited)

An example of how to dynamically assign sprites so that characters further down the screen appear on top of characters further up. Not sure what I'll do with it exactly, but thought I would upload in case anyone else wants to use it.
One character is controlled using the direction buttons.
1.Different character sprites
2.8 directional movement
Move with left dpad. Shoot with right dpad
... I might have to scrap this and start fresh. The way I'm assigning the sprites for characters doesn't seem to play well with the bullets, which is clear by how glitchy they are. I'll probably just leave this as it is for anyone who wants to try and use it, and I'll rebuild something more functional.

Roger Davis 2020-02-05 02:33

Jonnywhateva, hi there! This is very well done! I like it a lot 😃👌 Odd though it may seem at the moment, I can honestly think of a number of ways in which this could be used. For instance, have you ever heard of (or played) a game called 'Robotron'? 🤔 You might know it under the name of 'Smash TV'? Anyway, it's a one-player shoot-'em-up where the player must avoid being touched by an increasing number of 'Zombie' style characters on each level. The zombies can move quicker than the players character can, and one touch from any of them is instant "game over" death. On each level are 'pickup' items that can help (or hinder) the player. It is a fast-playing arcade Shooter. Another suggestion would be to turn it into a game where you walk up to an NPC, and chat with them via popup dialogue boxes. The dialogue boxes would have simple choices of what to say, like "Do you want to chat"? : "Yes", "No" & the controls could be done by using the directional (arrow) pad to choose your answer. So in the example I've just given if you pressed the d-pad so that "Yes" was highlighted and then the A-button could be used to confirm your answer, it would open a further popup dialogue/ menu box etc. A kind of RPG. 😃

Jonnywhateva 2020-02-07 00:11

I like both of those ideas and might make a version of each. After looking up robotron it look very familiar, I know I've played it at some point, and I definitely see how this could be used to make a game like that. Thank you for the suggestions!

Roger Davis 2020-02-07 03:29

: ) Jonnywhateva, you are VERY welcome! By the way, - I love your game 'Alice' - it has clever programming, and great gameplay! : ) 😊👌

Jonnywhateva 2020-02-07 10:54

Thank you. I'm fairly proud of that one. I was pretty surprised by how popular it became here. I'll do my best to make my next big upload set the bar a little higher, always aim for improvement!

Roger Davis 2020-02-08 03:28

Jonnywhateva, Good on you! Go for it! I'm sure that the results will be amazing. 😃

Roger Davis 2020-02-10 09:01

Okay Jonnywhateva! I understand your thinking on this! Best to restart at some point before you invest too much into the current way things are. Cut your losses, and try again later! 😃👌

Roger Davis 2020-02-10 09:02

At least you took a good stab at it! 😊

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