Magic Square game


was8bit 2020-02-06 02:35 (Edited)

Instructions inside...

... see this for extra reading:

THIS game uses an easy format of only using horizontal and vertical sums, it ignores diagonal and any other patterns of sums...

TARGET MAGIC NUMBER is adjustable, but starts out with an easy and traditionally used number for this size ...

GAME PICTURE shows one winning solution, there are many more... if you are not sure how to play, just copy and enter the shown solution and you should then understand how to play :)

Explanation for the changing colors:
... since you may not repeat any #'s inside the grid, GREEN means no copies while PINK means the # is copied at least once or more times ...
2) OUTSIDE THE GRID, along the right and below the grid:
... these are the SUMS from the grid, and show GREEN if they match the TARGET MAGIC NUMBER, and show RED if they do not match TARGET...
3) BACKGROUND will turn YELLOW and game stops if you have successfully created a magic square :)

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2020-02-06 02:35

Roger Davis 2020-02-06 23:51

Was8bit, I remember doing these when I was younger! It helped to improve my handling of maths! Brings back fond memories! This is a great game! Thank you! : )

was8bit 2020-02-07 05:31

Thanks, glad you like it :)

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