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How to make a sprite or item that you can pick up


Julian_1 2020-04-19 01:29

hi I was wondering how I would make sprites that the main character could pick up. and also how do I make shooting mobs.

GAMELEGEND 2020-04-19 03:41 (Edited)

This is the main character pickin up items
Got any questions?

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2020-04-19 03:41

was8bit 2020-04-19 04:35

Do you understand SPRITE HIT?

I think you have vision of a game you want to make, yet you really still don't understand how lowres fundentally works...

I have some homework i am giving you to do, and you need to finish it and post it here under your name so i can review it...

... your homework is to use CHAR DESIGNER to create some of the graphics you want in your game, name the game, and post it... i can download it and use CHAR DESIGNER to see how well you have done...

THEN we can start talking about how to do some things with the graphics you made :)

was8bit 2020-04-19 05:18

Making graphics using CHAR DESIGNER is the #1 most fundamental thing to learn to do so you can begin to understand how lowres works...

Lowres is NOT a fancy game designer that makes your game for you... lowresNx is a SIMULATION of a hand-held game player, that YOU have to program... YOU have to work with it's virtual hardware, virtual software, virtual operating system, virtual limited data storage on the game disk :)

Timo 2020-04-19 12:51 (Edited)

Julian_1, these are actually very complex questions and there are probably countless ways to solve them. Start with very simple steps and publish your first programs. Don't try to make the game of your dreams, make some small programs, like moving a sprite, then maybe something like Gamelegend posted here. Before you want shooting mobs, make one single enemy which just walks around etc.
When you post your first little programs, we can help much better.

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