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Glitch or am i doing something wrong?


was8bit 2020-06-06 12:40

It seems on the wrap around the background looses a Y and get bumped up..

If I just used INC I for the x index, the background keeps bumping up 1 each loop around until it disappears completely, so I have I reset to 0 at the end of the rund..

But if you notice the looped portion near the end bumps up 1...

Mario Kart 2.2.nx | Open in app
2020-06-06 12:40

was8bit 2020-06-06 12:42

Here it is speed up and the reset removed.... background is losing its Y and getting bumped up each cycle thru...

Mario Kart 2.21.nx | Open in app
2020-06-06 12:42

Timo 2020-06-06 16:09

BG COPY doesn’t wrap the source bg automatically, only the target.

was8bit 2020-06-06 16:31

Ah, i vaguely remember you had added auto wrap somethings in an update...

.... so i can work around it, thanks for clarifying what was going on :)

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