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How to repair corrupted file ?


G-9 2020-07-03 19:44

If there is any « go back » system ? Why a corrupt ? If there is a way to fix that ? :’( help me plz

CORRUPTED :'(.nx | Open in app
2020-07-03 19:44

was8bit 2020-07-04 06:46

You may have loaded the character set with the background file... i tested and you can load any file as a character set no problem....

If this is so, the character set is gone forever :(

This is why it is a good idea to post what you have here, so you can at least have a good copy here to retrieve..

was8bit 2020-07-04 06:47

For future reference, any time make a mistake loading something, simply exit without saving... unfortunately if you save to the wrong file, there is no undo...

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